February 18, 2017 (Day 3)


  • Drove south from Hamnøya to Å and back (30 km round trip)
  • Photographed fishing villages of Sakrisøya, Reine, Sørvågen, Tind, and Å

In the morning, it was very windy, cold and extremely cloudy. We left the Rorbuer after breakfast at sunrise just past 0800. First stop was at the E10 bridge at the entrance to the Rorbuer. The walkways along the side of the bridge were frozen and the gusty wind made walking with the camera equipment challenge. There are were already few other “tripodites” who were busy shooting on the bridge. We took a few pictures but a lot of the images were not sharp in spite of my camera being mounted on a solid carbon fiber tripod. But the view was majestic. The white snow contrasted very well with the red colored cabins of the Rorbuer.

Eliassen Rorbuer from E10 Bridge (Nikon D800e; 25mm; f11; 1/1.3; ISO 100)

The next stop was at the fishing village of Sakrisøya, a mile away from Hamnøya on E10. The rorbu cabins here were painted in yellow instead of the common burgundy red we saw elsewhere within Lofoten. The wind had calmed down a bit but it started snowing. We spent about 45 minutes in Sakrisøya.

Sakrisøya Rorbuer (Nikon D800e; 32mm; f8; 1/15 sec; ISO 400)
Sakrisøya Fisherman’s Hut (Nikon D800e; 40mm; f11;1/20 sec; ISO400)

The next stop after Sakrisøya was the beautiful fishing village of Reine with a population of about 300 people. One of the best spots to photograph the village with majestic mountains in the background is from a small parking lot at the entrance to the village from E10. There is a small bridge near the parking lot that had a number of terrific spots to photograph from. Here are 2 images taken from the bridge and near the parking lot.

View of Reine from the bridge near entrance to the village from E10 (Nikon D800e; 35mm; f13; 1/13 sec; ISO 100)
View of Reine from near entrance to the village from E10 (Nikon D7100; 34mm; f11; 1/15 sec; ISO 200)

We walked around the village. It was snowing off and on and the temperature was in the high 20s F. Below is an image of the Reine Rorbuer shot while walking around.

Reine Rorbuer (Nikon D800e; 25mm; f20; 1/20 sec; ISO 100)

It was close to 1pm when we got back in the car and had sandwiches, fruits, and yogurt for lunch. It started snowing quite heavily and the timing was perfect to have the lunch in the car enjoying the scenery and the snowfall.

We stopped at Joker, a small grocery store in Sørvågen for a bio-break and to grab a 6-pack of beer that set us back by 219 NOK (about US$26 or over $4/bottle). The next stop was at the village of Å (pronounced as “o”). It is located in the southern end of Lofoten Islands and the end (or start) of E10 (also called King Olav’s Road) in Norway. Per my trivia bible Wikipedia, until the 1990s, Å was mainly a small fishing village specializing in stock-fish, but since then tourism has taken over as the main economic activity. The town features the Lofoten Stockfish Museum and the Norwegian Fishing Village Museum as two big tourist attractions. Both museums were closed and we hardly saw anybody in the village. I am sure this place will be a zoo in the summer when the tourists flock to Lofoten to enjoy the scenery and the fish. We photographed the various red colored cabins and houses in Å.

Å Rorbuer (Nikon D800e; 20mm; f16; 1/6 sec; ISO 100)
Fisherman’s House in Å (Nikon D7100; 24mm; f11; 1/8 sec; ISO 100)

We left Å at around 230pm to drive back to our rorbu in Eliassen in Hamnøya, 9 miles way. Below is a view of Å from E10.

Å from E10 (Nikon D7100; 95mm; f10; 1/4 sec; ISO 100)

Cod stock-fish is the main driver of winter economy in Lofoten. Along E10, we saw miles of cod fish being dried by the cold and wind in Lofoten. The fish are hung on wooden racks until they are picked up in the spring. Below is an image of Revathy photographing around a fish rack in Sørvågen.

Revathy near a Cod Fish Rack in Sørvågen (Apple iPhone 6; 4.2mm; f2.2; 1/50 sec; ISO 32)

We stopped at Reine again on our way back to enjoy the scenery. Revathy shot an image of me photographing from the bridge linking the village and E10.

Murali photographing Reine (Apple iPhone 6; Image by Revathy)

We left Reine just before sunset at 430pm. As it was very cloudy, there was no dramatic golden light, may be a message from God to return to Lofoten. We soon reached our rorbu, took care of business (aka image processing, Whatsapp, FB, emails etc), had dinner and crashed for the night.

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