February 23, 2017 (Day 8)


  • Visits to Bøstad, Valberg, and Henningsvær

After 3 terrific days in Lofoten Rorbuopplevelser, we cleaned the apartment after breakfast and loaded the car. The apartment was very spacious, its kitchen well equipped, excellent Wi-Fi, and had a good washer. The location was ideal, close to both shopping in Leknes and to the Haukland and Uttakleiv beaches. The cost was also very reasonable @ $100/nite.

Murali in front of the apartment (iPhone6 photo by Revathy)

Our first stop was at the Borge Kirke in Bøstad. According to Wikipedia, the church is first mentioned in a document from 1335. A church at that spot was built in 1798, rebuilt in 1877 and burned down in 1896. A new church was consecrated in 1898. That church burned down in 1983. The present concrete church was built in 1986 to replace it.

Borge Kirke

The interior of the church was simple and serene and included an organ designed in a Scandinavian style. We spent an hour there and started to drive north towards Kabelvåg, our destination for tonight. Our next major stop was to see the church at Valberg. Along the way, we shot a few images with snow clad mountains in the background.

Susheela – shot just outside Bøstad on the way to Valberg (iPhone6 photo)
Trio – shot near Grundstad on the way to Valberg (Nikon D7100; 58mm; f11; 1/25 sec; ISO 100)
Revathy – shot near Grundstad on the way to Valberg (Nikon D7100; 48mm; f11; 1/100 sec ISO100)

As usual there was a strong wind blowing snow when we arrived at Valberg at around 11. There was hardly anybody outside in the town at that time. The first church at Valberg was built around 1660. In 1749, the church was destroyed during a powerful storm. The second church at Valberg was completed a few years after. This church was destroyed in a storm in 1818. A third church building was completed the next year. That church was used until 1888 when the present church was built.We parked the car beside the church to look around. Unfortunately it was closed. We took a few pictures and drove back to E10 towards Henningsvær.

Valberg Kirke (iPhone6 photo)
Valberg Kirke & the surrounding landscape (Nikon D7100; 46mm; f11; 1/60 sec; ISO 100)

We reached Henningsvær, a beautiful small fishing village with a population of about 450. We directly went to the Joker and picked up some groceries for dinner and breakfast for the next and final day in Lofoten Islands. We ate the lunch (sandwich, yogurt, and fruits) in the car and walked around the village. A couple of ladies we met showed us images of the Northern Lights that they had captured at noon that were impressive.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t observe the same. We shot a few images of the fishing boats from the bridge.

Henningsvær (Nikon D7100; 66mm; f11; 1/8 sec; ISO) 100)

The weather continued to deteriorate and we decided to drive north to our rorbu, Nyvågar Rorbuhotell, in Kabelvåg. As it was so windy when we reached the rorbu that it was a challenge to carry the luggage to our cabin. We had an early dinner and relaxed.At about 10pm, Susheela whose eyes are optimized to view Aurora Borealis, made an announcement that she could see the lights. By the time, we put on our clothes and got out, the display had vanished. Oh well… I had not expected to see the Northern Lights in Lofoten as there was a heavy cloud cover every day since we arrived on Feb 17 but we were lucky to have experienced them for 2 nights.

Nyvågar Rorbuhotell (iPhone6 photo)

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