February 26, 2017 (Day 11)


  • Walking around Tromsø
  • The Northern Lights Chase in Tromvik

Sunday morning was cold and windy and the sun was nowhere to be seen. After a terrific Indian breakfast prepared by Dash, we left at around 9am and walked around the harbor area taking pictures.

VA Building on Strandtorget (Nikon D800E; 38mm; f8; 1/25 sec; ISO 100)
Arctic Cathedral framed by a cargo ship’s hull (Nikon D800E; 105mm; f10; 1/100 sec; ISO 100)
Arctic Cathedral in B&W from The Tromso Harbor (Nikon D800E; 120mm; f11; 1/60 sec; ISO 100)

Dash and I returned to the apartment just after Noon so that he could start cooking. The girls showed up about 30 minutes later. After lunch, all of us left for the harbor area. The girls went to see the museums while Dash and I took a taxi from the Scandic Ishavshotel to the airport to pick up the rental car. The 3.5 mile trip, most in a massive tunnel system with roundabouts, took 15 minutes and cost 260 NOK (about US$31). This ride was significantly cheaper on a per mile basis ($10/mile instead of $100/mile the day before). We got a bright turquoise blue Jeep Renegade with snow tires. The trunk size was smaller than the Mazda 6 that we rented in Lofoten but that was okay considering we were going to use the car for only 2 days.

We parked the car in the basement of the apartment and walked back to the Scandic Ishavshotel to pick up the girls. As all the stores were closed, we then grabbed some yogurt from Narvesen Convenience Store near the apartment which cost $18. Yes, these convenience are super expensive. After a quick early dinner, we walked to the Visit Tromsø building on Kirkegata to get on the Green Fox Aurora Borealis hunt in a mini-bus. Jacek, the owner/driver, was very knowledgeable and well prepared. We drove northwest about 30 miles to Tromvik. The location was terrific with minimum light pollution but the northern lights activity was sub par. We drank hot chocolate and ate a lot of cookies around a bonfire waiting for the action to start. We shot a few images. Jacek checked the latest forecast and informed us that the show as over for the night. Although his charge of $160/person was a tad higher than the average rate, he was very helpful and took a lot of effort to find the Northern Lights. I recommend him. He dropped us in front of the apartment just after 11pm and we hit the sack soon after.

Aurora Borealis shot in Tromvik (Nikon D800E; 20mm; f2.8; 30 sec; ISO 1600)

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