February 27, 2017 (Day 12)


  • Drive from Tromsø to Lyngseidet
  • The Northern Lights in Lyngseidet

After breakfast, we left for Lyngseidet via Breivikeidet and Svensby. As we were staying in the same apartment from our 1-night stay at Lyngseidet, the owner was kind enough to allow us to store our luggage in the apartment so we had to carry only groceries and clothes for 1 night in the Jeep. Due to limited trunk space, this was quite helpful.

We drove past the Arctic Cathedral and got on to E8 South. We passed some beautiful villages along the western coast such as Tromsdalen to reach the first spot, a waterfall on Route 91 off of E8. When we reached the water, it was frozen with no waterflow whatsoever.

Frozen waterfall under the old bridge on 91 between Tromsø and Breivikeidet (iPhone6 photo)

After taking some casual images, we decided to retrace our way back to shoot images in the coastal villages of Tromsdalen. Although it was quite cold and windy, the sun was shining and light was good. We were back on E8 going north and took an exit to drive south on a country road close to the strait of Tromsøysundet and parallel to E8.

We then noticed an oil rig platform being towed by a tug on its way to the Barents Sea. We spent about half hour photographing the rig.

An oil rig on its way to the Barents Sea (Nikon D7100; 52mm; f8; 1/250 sec; ISO200)
A Red Barn along E8 in Tromsdalen (Nikon D7100; 50mm; f8; 1/500 sec; ISO200)
A Farmhouse along E8 in Tromsdalen (Nikon D7100; 38mm; f9; 1/400 sec; ISO200)

After spending about 1.5 hrs in the Tromsdalen area, we headed to Breivikeidet to catch the 130pm ferry to Svensby. We reached the ferry terminal at about 115pm. The ferry was on time and we paid 241 NOK (about US$29) for the Jeep and 4 passengers.

Ready to board the Ferry to Svensby at Breivikeidet (Nikon D7100; 38mm; f10; 1/400 sec; ISO 200)

The ferry crossing across Ullsfjord was smooth and lasted about 20 minutes. We located a nice red colored shed near the Svensby ferry terminal and we spent a few minutes photographing it.

A red shack near Svensby Ferry Terminal (Nikon D7100; 100mm; f10; 1/320 sec; ISO 200)
On the way to Lyngseidet from Svensby (Nikon D7100; 35mm; f10; 1/320 sec; ISO 200)
Red House on the way to Lyngseidet from Svensby (Nikon D7100; 40mm; f10; 1/320 sec; ISO 200)

We reached Lyngseidet at around 330pm. We walked around the ferry terminal area and then headed to the Extra Lyngseidet grocery store to pick up groceries for the next 2 days. We then checked in at the Magic Mountain Lodge. We got 2 spacious rooms on the 2nd floor and both rooms had terrific views of Lyngen Alps.The lodge had a common kitchen and Dash prepared a nice soup and salad followed by a marinara pasta.

After dinner, we decided to drive north on Fv311 country road along Kåfjorden towards Koppangen. It was pitch dark and we had a tough time finding a decent spot to park the car to look for the Northern Lights. The temperature had also dropped to the low 20s.

Aurora Borealis @ Lyngseidet (Nikon D800E; 20mm; f2; 20 sec; ISO 1600)

After about 30 minutes of the light show, clouds started rolling in and we decided to call it a day and returned to the Lodge. After doing some emails and image reviews, all went to bed at about 1030pm.

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