Iceland – March 24, 2016 (Day 8)

Day 8 Drive Map

Day 8 was relatively a slow day as it was mostly raining and howling winds. We got up early and drove to Skógafoss. Luckily, we were the first ones to show up. 2 more cars showed by about 15 minutes later. 6-7 people shared the whole area for about 45 minutes and it was awesome. Tip: If you want to enjoy the popular falls without the crowd, go there bright and early. That means 7am in March. Here are 2 images from the falls.

Skógafoss early in the morning
Murali @ Skogafoss 2
Skógafoss Selfie

My 3 cousins climbed up to the top but they were not terribly impressed with the view. YMMV. I helped out a gal from Australia who was doing a photo shoot for an ironing board company. She has been travelling all over Iceland photographing an ironing board in front of various falls!!! Looks like a real fun job!!!

We returned to the Lodge for a very relaxing & slow breakfast. After breakfast, we drove up to Heiðarvatn, a lake nearby. The weather was brutal – cold and very high winds. We didn’t even venture out to get out of the car. I shot an image from inside the car using my iPhone.

Heiðarvatn from inside the Jeep (Didn’t even consider getting out) (63 28 N, 19 1 59 W)

About 45 minutes later, the wind subsided and the the sky started to clear a bit. Then took another shot.

Heiðarvatn near Vik

Went to the grill attached to the N1 gas station for lunch. The bistro & pub next door was closed. I was surprised to find 3-4 vegetarian items on the menu including a veggie burger. We had a good and relaxing lunch. We returned to the Lodge after lunch. We returned to Vik in the late afternoon and went to the black sand beach behind the N1 gas station. Wow, was it windy. The black sand was hitting our faces like razor blades. I took one image of the Reynisdrangar.

Reynisdrangar from Vik Beach
Reynisdrangar from Vik Black Sand Beach (63.414310, -19.004836)

The Vik Church (Víkurkirkja) was lit and as it was blue hour (15 minutes after sunset), contrast between the church and the mountain and sky behind it was striking. I took a few photographs.

Víkurkirkja at nite
Víkurkirkja at blue hour

We had an excellent dinner at Sudur Vik. The restaurant opens at 6pm during late winter and I recommend you get there before 7pm. We were there at about 630pm and it was 50% full. When we finished dinner and came out at about 745pm, there was a huge line.

Due to cloudy weather and rain, Aurora Borealis that night was out of the question. Went to bed early with anticipation of visiting Jokulsarlon on Day 9.

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