Iceland – March 28, 2016 (Day 12)

The 12th day was devoted to drive about 300 miles from the Seljavellir Guesthouse just outside the town of Höfn to Hotel Berg near the Keflavik International Airport. No more major landmarks or Icelandic horses to see and photograph. Almost all spots on our plan were hit. A few that were missed have been moved to the next visit’s list. We stopped at Vik for lunch and to shoot some interesting scenes along the route. Here are some images from the segment of the trip.

Farmhouse on Ring Road - Driving back to Keflavik via Vik 1
Farmhouse on Ring Road near Jokulsarlon (64°10’50” N 15°53’0″ W)
Ring Road - Driving back to Keflavik via Vik 1
Along the Ring Road between Hofn & Jokulsarlon
Ring Road near Jokulsarlon
Along Ring Road near Jokulsarlon
Iceland Mountain Pano
A Panorama of a Mountain & Glacier Between Jokulsarlon & Vik
Vik Church in B&W
Vik Church in B&W

We reached Hotel Berg is Keflavik right as planned at around 630pm. The hotel is located right on the water next to a marina. Found out that they start serving breakfast at 3am to meet the needs of guests who have an early flight out of KEF. We drove to an unnamed lighthouse quite near to the hotel on Strandleiðin.

Strandleiðin Lighthouse
Strandleiðin Lighthouse

Then had dinner at Thai Keflavik. They can prepare most of the dishes for vegetarians. We shared a Tom Yam Goong soup and Green curry. Both food and service were excellent. Price was reasonable as well. Exterior of the restaurant is not impressive but interior decor was comparable to a mid range Thai restaurant in the US.

We were a bit greedy after a spectacular Auroa Borealis experience the previous night. We drove up to Gardur Lighthouse at around 9pm but there was too much light pollution around it and it was too cloudy. We stopped on our way back at a spot where there was very little light pollution but unfortunately didnt see any Northern Lights. We returned to the hotel at around 1030pm, repacked the luggage to get back to reality the next morning. My cousins flights were at 7am while mine to Seattle was only at 5pm.

In the last page of the blog (Day 13), I will post some images I took before dropping off the rental car, rental car return experience (one you must read), and  some trivia around the whole trip.

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