My Top 10 U-Bahn Stations of Berlin

Berlin has 2 types of rapid transit trains, U-Bahn (Untergrundbahn) and the S-Bahn (Stadtschnellbahn). U-Bahn is “mostly” underground while the S-Bahn is “mostly” overground.

The U-Bahn is composed of nine lines altogether, named sequentially as U1 through U9, and it’s operated by the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG). During rush hour, the trains run every four to five minutes, and in the evening, every 10 minutes. Opened in 1902, it serves 173 stations, with a total track length of 151.7 kms (94 mi), about 80% of which is underground. With such an intricate and organized system spanning such a wide range of locations, it’s no wonder the U-Bahn is such an important aspect of both Berlin’s history and culture.

I was in Berlin for 5 days on a business trip. As my flight back home to Seattle was on Sunday, I decided to do some sightseeing on Saturday. Unfortunately, it was raining that morning and so I decided to check out the U-Bahn stations with unique architectures. Armed with just my iPhone8, the U-Bahn chase was on. I am sure I missed a number of stations but here is my Top 10 List!!! YMMV!!!

10. Berliner Straße

U Berliner Straße

9. Deutsche Oper

U Deutsche Oper

8. Hohenzollernplatz

U Hohenzollernplatz

7. Paracelsus-Bad

U Paracelsus-Bad

6. Franz-Neumann-Platz

U Franz-Neumann-Platz

5. Fehrbelliner Platz

U Fehrbelliner Platz

4. Heidelberger Platz

U Heidelberger Platz

3. Residenzstraße

U Residenzstraße

2. Sophie-Charlotte-Platz

U Sophie-Charlotte-Platz

1. Lindauer Allee

U Lindauer Allee

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